Long over-due sketch raffle result.

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So I should have posted this long ago but I kind of abandoned my website for a while in favor of my other projects. A while back I was doing a weekly sketch raffle where every week I would sketch something for the winner of the raffle. I drew what the winner had asked and never posted it! How could …

Neo BengoaLong over-due sketch raffle result.

Weekly Sketch Raffle number 2!

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Yo! So the first sketch raffle turned out alright. Got plenty of sharing on it. I realized however that I was not clear on some things. I had people sharing the post but not commenting therefore they could not be entered in the raffle. Only two people followed the directions and commented. So this time I’ll try to make everything …

Neo BengoaWeekly Sketch Raffle number 2!

Classic dubstep and FL Studio.

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My first, song a classic dubstep demo. Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to let everyone know I completed a little demo a while ago. It’s very simple and pretty bland but here it is. It was mostly an experiment to help me get a handle on some of the functions of FL Studio. Music is not my primary focus as …

Neo BengoaClassic dubstep and FL Studio.
Jawbreaker ring.

Jawbreaker ring tutorial.

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Hey everyone, Neo here. I haven’t updated in a while due to being busy with all sorts of stuff, including working on the layout of this website! lol Anyways, I have a few subjects  to update about, which I’ll be doing over the next few posts on this blog. Check out this jawbreaker ring I made! For this post, I …

Neo BengoaJawbreaker ring tutorial.

Watercolor paint is pretty boss you guys.

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My original blog post: Original Post by Neo Bengoa Watercolor paint is definitely an interesting medium. For a long time I have been meaning to get into watercolor paint and try it out, recently I finally decided to teach myself how to use watercolor paint! I have been experimenting with it a lot lately.

Neo BengoaWatercolor paint is pretty boss you guys.