The simple choice of Happiness.

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I’ve got a little story to share with you all today, a  story about a guy I met yesterday and his choice of happiness.

First a little background on the day. I was at work, working a 2-7 shift. It was a pretty slow day, and rainy outside. Not many significant sales either. Most of the people I helped that day seemed to be your average citizen concerned with all the hardships in life, and even a few rude ones. Until the last hour of my shift.

Roy’s simple choice of happiness despite trials.

I met an older man, Roy, who instantly was interesting with his English accent as well as his voice straight up sounding like Dr. Nefario from Despicable Me. (That was my favorite part! lol) But the other things I noticed were how shaky he was, how frail he seemed. He looked like he would be miserable yet he was the jolliest person I had seen walk in all day.

choice of happinesI helped him find the toner he needed for his Canon laserjet copier and had some good conversations. Turns out he moved to Idaho from California 7 years ago and loves it here.
We tried checking his mobile phone upgrade eligibility so that I could give him a $5 off coupon but unfortunately we weren’t able to get it to go through. (If you’ve got Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T you can knock $5 off your purchase at Staples by checking your mobile phone upgrade eligibility!)

So we head over to the register to check him out and while I’m ringing up his purchase he tells me about how many times he’s been to the hospital. He started listing off all these organ failures and other issues he’s had. Lung, kidney, cancer in both eyes, he probably listed at least ten and then all sounded horrible. But at the end of his list he just kinda hopped with joy saying, “But here I am!” A huge smile on his face.

I always tell people that happiness is a simple choice but this guy know what’d going on.

I was just stunned. It really made my day seeing him so happy. But of course, he just made the simple choice to be happy.

Folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

~Believed to be said originally by Abraham Lincoln

I always tell people that it’s a simple choice but I don’t always live up to what I’m saying. Meeting Roy yesterday was a huge impact on my life and I definitely plan to make this choice from now on! I know plenty of people who might benefit by doing the same so I’m pretty excited to share this little story. c:
Please share this with everyone you can, let them know that happiness is a simple choice and encourage them to make that choice. Also share your thoughts with me, I’m always open to learn new things and hear your thoughts!

Make the simple choice of  happiness!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. I’ll see you around! lol

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~Neo Bengoa

Neo BengoaThe simple choice of Happiness.