Classic dubstep and FL Studio.

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My first, song a classic dubstep demo.

Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to let everyone know I completed a little demo a while ago. It’s very simple and pretty bland but here it is.

Classic Dubstep - InitiationIt was mostly an experiment to help me get a handle on some of the functions of FL Studio. Music is not my primary focus as I obviously have plenty of other things to keep track of such as my website and everything it is connected to. I have lots of other art and business stuff to work on but I definitely plan on making lots of music in the future! c:

I actually am not really into this classic dubstep type music all that much, I’m hoping to create some exciting, hard-bass, chiptune styled stuff in the future. I have quite a few ideas to explore as I have the time to figure out all that I can do with FL Studio.

Some great FL Studio tutorials.

If you’re interested in learning to use FL Studio and make some tacks of your own, check out some of these tutorials!


VarienOfficial has some great tutorials on FL Studio as well as music in general such as these vidoes on melodies, song structure, and scales.

Melody Writing 101

Basic Song Structure

Basic Scales

I hope you enjoyed this post on my recent classic dubstep release and were able to benefit from Varien’s tutorials if you watched those. Thank you for visiting RainWolf and enjoy the rest of your stay!

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Neo BengoaClassic dubstep and FL Studio.