Currently I am taking free requests one sketches and drawings. Mostly basic stuff such as a character or two. I would love to draw your character and get some practice in so if you would like a drawing let me know by filling out the contact form below!

Whether it’s a sketch or a finished piece is up to me as well as what medium it’s in. It could be pencil, could be marker, could be watercolor, who knows.


Certain things are outside of my free requests boundaries and I will charge for. If you ask for something like this I’ll let you know that it is and we can talk to see if you want to commission me for it.


For commissions the prices and guidelines are as follows.

Full body drawing:
Pen sketch $10 additional character $5

Pencils sketch $20 additional character $10

Inked $25 additional character $12

Flat color $30 additional character $15

Shading $35 additional character $20

Watercolor $35 additional character $25

Badge bust (half body):
Pen sketch $5

Pencil sketch $10

Inked $15

Flat color $20

Shading $25

Watercolor $25

Full badge (full body):
Pen sketch $10

Pencil sketch $15

Inked $20

Flat color $25

Shading $30

Watercolor $30

If you want a background for any of the above commissions let me know and we’ll decide a price based on complexity and materials used.

Custom Artwork:
If you want something not listed up there such as a Prismacolor “realism” or anything else you would like me to try in any medium, just ask for a custom commission and describe to me what you want made/drawn and in what medium.A price will be estimated based on an estimate of time spent and materials used.Final cost may be more or less than the original estimated priced.I’ll work on custom artwork for a $30 deposit and $10 an hour. Once the project is complete, and the total price for the commission is decided, the rest of the amount will be charged if more than $30. If less than $30 the excess will be paid back to the commissioner (although I doubt this will happen often with custom artwork).

A 50% deposit (rounded down to the nearest 5) will be required at the start of each project $20  and up.

I maintain the right to deny any commission, although I doubt that will happen very often.

I also maintain the right to change this commission info at any time without warning. Whether it be a raise or lowering of prices or a change of the rules.

Neo BengoaCommissions