Creating positive energy and removing negative energy.

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Creating positive energy; why we need to do it.

Creating Positive EnergySo many people complain about all the things that are happening in their lives that only bring stress and pain. People like to complain a lot but never like to do anything about the issues.

If you are putting out a lot of negative energy, a lot of negative energy is what you’re getting back. When you are creating positive energy, you are setting yourself up to receive a lot of positive in return.

If you’re reading this blog post you have probably heard of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Again, if you are creating positive energy, lots of good things will be attracted into your life. For example, when you “wake up on the right side of the bed” you are starting your day positively, correct? Typically more good things keep happening that morning but if you aren’t intentionally keeping your thoughts positive then a negative event may find its way into your morning. Once this happens, (again, assuming you are not taking control of your thoughts at all) there is a chance that you’ll become upset which in turn will bring more negative events into that morning.
An example would be when you stub your toe, and then minutes later spill coffee on yourself, then maybe you trip, who knows. It can go on and on.

Most of the time we don’t pay much attention to it so we are equally creating positive energy and negative energy. In this case good and bad things happen and sort of balance one another out, giving us a sort of neutral energy.

Are you beginning to understand why it’s so important to keep your thoughts and energy positive?

This morning I came across this video. Celebrities talking about intention and creating positive energy, and how it effects your life.

These are famous people sharing the Law of Attraction. They know how they made it into such lives. The Law of Attraction is a powerful thing.

Creating positive energy is actually pretty easy!

The biggest thing, the key to creating positive energy is simply to make the choice. “I am happy. I am stress free. I am abundant.”
I am.
Make the choice to be happy and joyful, make the choice to be prosperous. It may take time to totally understand it but once you get it, and everything in your life does a 180, it is amazing.

Now get up, say you are amazing, and mean it! Go create an abundant life for yourself!

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Neo BengoaCreating positive energy and removing negative energy.