Jawbreaker ring.

Jawbreaker ring tutorial.

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Hey everyone, Neo here. I haven’t updated in a while due to being busy with all sorts of stuff, including working on the layout of this website! lol Anyways, I have a few subjects  to update about, which I’ll be doing over the next few posts on this blog.

Check out this jawbreaker ring I made!

Jawbreaker ring.For this post, I wanted to show off my most recent project. A ring made from the core of a jawbreaker.

A couple weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were hanging out at the mall and had the idea to get a couple jawbreakers. Recalling that they are relatively cheap at Winco, we decided to head over there and buy a couple. At the time it was purely for the sake of getting a jawbreaker, pretty much the coolest candy ever. But the next day she suggested I make a jawbreaker “coin” by licking the opposite side from where I had started.

I spent a few days flattening the jawbreaker into a coin shape, but half way along I started to have other ideas. Those ideas combined with yet another suggestion by a friend formed the idea for a jawbreaker ring. At first that may sound a little gross. Drooling all over a piece of candy to make it into a ring, but I actually used faucet water and a dish sponge for the final stretch, then coated it in a fixative. So whether or not this is sanitary is not a worry.

I made this for you, Bekah!

How to make a jawbreaker ring.

If you’ve been waiting for the how-to and you would like to make your own jawbreaker ring, here’s how!

1. Buy a jawbreaker.

These jawbreakers were about 85 cents at Winco, pretty good price for the materials needed for an epic art project!

2. Lick one side of the jawbreaker flat.

Lick one side down until you have it about a third of the way to the center of the jawbreaker.

3. Flip and start on the opposite side.

After flattening one side of the jawbreaker, turn it around directly opposite to your flat end and start flattening that side so both sides are similar.

4. Evenly move toward the center.

Now that you’ve flattened both sides, keep pushing them toward the center, making sure to keep everything flat and even. As you go toward the center it becomes easier and easier to make it dip rather than stay flat so make sure to keep the outer edges up with the center.

5. Start shrinking the coin.

At this point you should have what I referred to earlier as a jawbreaker “coin”. A circle about half an inch thick. Now you can start going around the edges and making the coin smaller.

6. Drill through the center.

This step can actually be done before step 5 but it’s all a matter of preference (whether or not you want a hole sooner or later in the process). The center of these jawbreakers is a softer, powdery candy. It can be dug out with a knife or nail and eaten.

7. Shape the ring.

Now that you’ve got your jawbreaker smaller and have a hole through it, you can begin shaping the ring. Personally I left it thicker on one end and made the rest of it thinner. Let’s look at the coin with a hole as a compass, there’s North, East, South and West. The North end you will hold while licking or scrubbing the other sides. the South end will be second thickest while the East and West will be thinnest to make room for the fingers next to whichever finger the ring is worn on. Thick sides make for an uncomfortable ring.

8. Apply preservative coating to the ring.

Once you’ve got the ring where you want it, wash it off carefully, dry it with a towel or paper towel, and then apply your finishing coating. I used an art fixative that I usually use on drawings to preserve them.


1. To prevent tongue soreness, don’t be afraid to use plenty of saliva in the earlier stages and lick lightly in circles.

2. In drilling out the center of the jawbreaker, you can actually use a drill bit , which will get the job done quickly and easily.

3. Once you have a small coin with a hole through the center, it may be easier to use the rough side of a dish sponge to shape the ring. This is what I used, as you can bend the sponge certain ways for different parts of the ring.

4. Last but not least, on the “North” end of the ring, you can write a little message! Because I made mine for my girlfriend, I wrote “I <3 U” on it. It may seem like a weird gift but we have a pretty strange relationship all around. lol

Thank you for reading my tutorial on how to make a jawbreaker ring, I hope you enjoyed the post! If you found this post interesting or it helped you to create your own ring, please share this post on your favorite social networks but clicking the social share buttons at the bottom!


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Neo BengoaJawbreaker ring tutorial.