Neo’s Journal 1/1/2014

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Happy New Years Everyone!!

Hey guys! So I’ve been super inactive here but I’ve been getting things in line and preparing to make my comeback.
Lots of things are new, I’m working for Staples as an Easy Tech (I love it!), I’m selling at the Anime Oasis Artist Alley this year in Boise, Idaho (Be there!) and I’ve got a list of daily steps to complete each day to further my long term success!

One of the items on my list is to write a daily journal on my blog here at RainWolf and include a daily sketch to further my drawing ability every day. I’ll be posting a journal every day Sunday through Friday and a special post every Saturday! Honestly I’ve been busy all day, it’s almost 1 AM and I’m just getting this written and haven’t even done a sketch yet.

…I’ll go do that…


Here’s the sketch of the day:

fur in fur daily sketch 1


A fur in furs… lol Not the best of drawings but it was a quick one just for some practice.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my artwork and if you feel like stalking my life then feel free to keep updated on my daily journals! xD But seriously, definitely check them out for the daily sketch included in each journal!

Have a wonderful 2014, everyone! I’ll be seeing you around!

~Your friendly neighborhood Neo.

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Neo BengoaNeo’s Journal 1/1/2014