Neo’s Journal 1/2/2014

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I am late again!

It’s midnight and I’m just now starting on my journal for the day! xD Anyways, since I didn’t actually say what went on yesterday in yesterday’s post, I’ll let you guys know about yesterday AND today… TODAY.

First of all let’s check out the sketch of the day!

sketch of the day 2 abstract watercolor







My (awesome!) girlfriend convinced me to try a watercolor abstract piece earlier and just let my raw emotions do it. So I’m counting that as my sketch of the day!
Honestly if this is raw emotions I’m not sure how I feel about it. xD But I definitely would try this again and hopefully improve a little on abstract stuff.


On to the things that happen in my life!

Yesterday I pretty much chilled at work, came home and did stuff until the time came to head over to a friend’s house for an evening of hardcore awesomeness. But. Right before leaving I decided I would cut my hair myself for the first time. No fancy salon pro (as much as I love my hair stylist). All my long glorious hair, I took chunks out of it.

See, I had been really wanting to try my hand at self-haircuts sometime and I decided that if I don’t just try it, I would never end up trying it. And no matter how bad I might screw it up, I had to go with impulse and just pull that razor out. I did, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in the end. But while I was doing it, I was asking myself what the hell I was doing. xD

After my haircut and the greatest Mexican-Asian (made-up) burrito ever, I hopped in my car to head to my good friend Nick’s. We had an fun evening of video games and Rick & Morty but I would have to say the highlight in my mind, was going to this mysterious Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. The woman who was our waitress was very nice, but apparently she’s the only waitress there and works almost all the time! It’s crazy! I won’t go too far into the theories we developed about the place but it was a good time. Their egg flower soup was alright.

After heading back to Nick’s and hanging out some more with him and our other friend Eric, we called it good for the night and I headed home. That’s why I didn’t get yesterday’s post up until about 2 something AM. I’LL DO BETTER TONIGHT!

Today in the life of a Neo..

Today wasn’t quite as “hardcore awesomeness”, and it was kinda stressful but it was a pretty good day overall! c:
I barely dragged myself out of bed this morning to get ready for work but I made it. (I always try to arrive 10-15 minutes early.) I pretty much continued on training while at work though a couple of the training modules were being frustrating, I’m hoping to finish most of them up tomorrow!

I was out on the sales floor with an Easy Tech supervisor for the last bit of today and made a few sales! I’m still a bit awkward and not totally knowledgeable on where all the products are located but I’m becoming more comfortable and figuring it out! My name tag does say “Neo In Training” after all! lol

Anyways, work was work and although I love my new job, it was work. After work I drove across the street to Target to look for some black shoes because my GM keeps telling me I need to get some all black shoes and I feel bad that I keep going to work with my gray and black tennis shoes!

I spent a good amount of time in Target and when I finally found the shoes I wanted, they had them in ever size but mine. Dag, yo.
But it wasn’t a big deal, I’ll find some shoes eventually! I’ll just have to let the GM know again tomorrow that I still haven’t been successful in finding shoes.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’ve got court and then work. I’ll let you guys know how court goes after work if I’m not to busy chillin’ with my sweetheart (which I will be.) But I’ll let you guys know! xD

In conclusion

The last couple days have been somewhat interesting though the way I’ve described them here probably isn’t as much. xD

I promise I’ll get better at describing them and really telling a story! c: That’s a major reason I’m even doing this, just to get out there and get good at it as well as share my life and everything with all you cool people! Anyways, better writing, will do.

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~Neo the cool weird guy. Who likes broccoli… and tea.

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Neo BengoaNeo’s Journal 1/2/2014