Neo’s Journal 1/8/2014

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Welcome back to Neo’s Journal! Today on Neo’s Journal…

Alright so I haven’t kept up with posts. I had a busy weekend and after work the last few days I had other things to work on. But before defeating the Wall of Flesh in Terraria with a friend and going out tonight for some Dungeons and Dragons, I decided to catch up on all this!

Let’s see… My last post was last Thursday I believe. Holy butts. Over the past five days I’ve had all sorts of stuff going on though I’m not sure how much of it is all that interesting. lol
I spent Friday night with my girlfriend, chillin’ around, eating her Twizzlers, watching Tobuscus and eventually watching some movies. It was a good evening. Also, cuddling. never forget the wonderfulness of cuddling.

So the original reason I had gone over there was because there was a furry meet the next day in Nampa and also they were having a birthday party for her little brother so we decided it would be cool to just go over there and spend the evening before together and then attend all the events going down the following day. Lots of children at the birthday party. But also ice cream! Nuff said.

Bekah’s mom sent us to go buy the ice cream before the party started and while at Albertson’s we found a deal on two bags of Lays kettle chips for $5.00 so I freaked out and went ahead and bought some Mesquite BBQ and some sea salt and black pepper. Best chips ever, dawg. We were unsuccessful in finding cheap ice cream at Albertson’s so we drove across the street to Walmart and of course the prices weren’t any better. Until we discovers the Great Value section. Good flavors AND low prices! I grabbed a half cookies and cream half peanut butter cup and she grabbed a rainbow sherbet. Sherbet isn’t really my thing but that stuff was pretty good.

So we get back to her house and there’s children all over the place, we make our way to the kitchen and soon after, start serving ice cream to all the chillens. I served the one I picked and Bekah served the one she picked, we just had the kids let us know which kind they wanted and surprisingly to myself anyways, more of them chose rainbow sherbet. Maybe the idea of rainbow just pleases them but I would have guessed more kids would go for the type with candy in it! xD

(I got a bit of both. >.> )

After another half hour or so the party cleared up, it was pretty short. I was ready and excited to head to the furry meet!

The best furry meet in the history of.. the past… year…

Seriously though, it was definitely the best one in a long time. A lot of my closest friends showed up who are either rarely able to go, or haven’t ever been able to make it to a meet. Aside from just my close friends being there, it seemed everybody was catching up with people they hadn’t seen in a while and that everyone was having a good time! It was so relaxed and just nice and simple. Everyone was there, so many people crammed into one cafe that it had a high potential for chaos but it all just went so well! Very positive environment.

We only stayed at the coffee shop for a few hours before going down around the block to get pizza though I wish we would have stayed longer (because only about a third of us went to get pizza, we do it every month). Although while we were there it was just amazing. Someone I didn’t know even bought me an Italian soda! I like that guy.

Other than talking with all my chill furry bruddas, I actually DID manage to get a sketch done. I asked a friend what pose I should do of his fursona and he asked me to do this:

Jeffery daily sketch 3

A sort of reclining “I’m all that” pose. lol

It was just a great furry meet all around. The pizza at Messenger was also great! I got a cheesy garlic breadsticks calzone (which I forgot the last bit of in Bekah’s refrigerator xD )!

The next few days, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I had work so I won’t go too far into that but I did go out on the floor more and worked the cash register at work for the first time! I spent most of Monday on the register, at first I was having a hard time speaking up and remembering what to do but a lot of the customers were pretty patient with me, understanding that I’m in training and eventually I got pretty good at it for a newbie!

After work on all the past few days I have been working on Geezer to Geek stuff (the reason I was unable to keep up with blog posts and such). I finally got a basic business card made for it as well as starting a YouTube channel! If you happen to be interested in any of our free content you can sign up to get the Tech Term of the Day email blast but opting in at our home page Every day you’ll receive a tech term and explanation of it. You can also view the videos I’ve made so far at and please suggest videos and tech terms that you want to know about, I’ll do my best to add them! c:

Anyways, so I’ve been working on all that and I still need to do the RainWolf business card before I can get them both printed at Staples with my employee discount!

That pretty much sums up my last few days, pretty interesting. lol I’ll try keeping up with my posts a bit more but I might start only posting if my day involved a lot of stuff to talk about here. As well as occasional blog posts on serious/interesting stuff.

I’ll talk to yallz later. Be sure to check out all the Geezer to Geek stuff and let me know if you’re interested in contributing!
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Talk to you soon~

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