Long over-due sketch raffle result.

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So I should have posted this long ago but I kind of abandoned my website for a while in favor of my other projects. A while back I was doing a weekly sketch raffle where every week I would sketch something for the winner of the raffle. I drew what the winner had asked and never posted it! How could …

Neo BengoaLong over-due sketch raffle result.

Neo’s Journal 1/8/2014

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Welcome back to Neo’s Journal! Today on Neo’s Journal… Alright so I haven’t kept up with posts. I had a busy weekend and after work the last few days I had other things to work on. But before defeating the Wall of Flesh in Terraria with a friend and going out tonight for some Dungeons and Dragons, I decided to …

Neo BengoaNeo’s Journal 1/8/2014

Watercolor paint is pretty boss you guys.

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My original blog post: Original Post by Neo Bengoa Watercolor paint is definitely an interesting medium. For a long time I have been meaning to get into watercolor paint and try it out, recently I finally decided to teach myself how to use watercolor paint! I have been experimenting with it a lot lately.

Neo BengoaWatercolor paint is pretty boss you guys.