Unmanned drones; what is the government doing?

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Can we trust them with the use of unmanned drones?

Unmanned dronesWe all know the military has been using these drones for various military purposes, such as use in dangerous missions or simply for practice. There are all sorts of unmanned drones used in the military and of course these are being used in war to protect the country, and in many cases, save a life that could have been taken had a drone been a manned plane. Therefore I believe military use is a good use for these unmanned drones. A use that I think we can trust.

Now, you probably have heard bits and pieces about small “spy drones” that are being used around the country to keep a watch on us all. I’m sure there’s a lot of false information and exaggeration in it all but I believe there is also some truth. The government has been doing a lot of questionable stuff lately and I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have some kind of  nano-drone designed to look like an insect. (Obviously insect sized drones are unmanned drones lol.)

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In any case, say that there is a bunch of little unmanned drones, little spies flying around. Personally that’s a huge invasion of privacy. The government is abusing its power, doing all these things without asking the people what we think. Chances are if you asked a group of people, “Hey, do you mind if we watch you through your window all day? You know, just to make sure everything’s fine and you aren’t doing anything illegal?” most of them would reply with, “There’s no way in hell I want to be watched in my own home!”
I know I would.

Have you ever seen one of those small, blimp like things floating above town? I have heard of instances in a few cities, and even seen it once here in Idaho. Maybe they are just test runs of unmanned drones or Unmanned Ariel Vehicles for use as spy drones in the military but maybe they are spy drones for use here within our own walls. A friend of mine has a brother in the army who once accidentally said a little something about these drones but quickly stopped himself as it was “confidential”. It seems suspicious to me.

Here’s a little article I found on them: http://www.infowars.com/documents-reveal-us-marshals-using-spy-drones/

Why am I suddenly so interested in the uses of unmanned drones to the point that I decided to write a blog post on them?


If you have read some of my other posts you may be wondering why I suddenly started talking about unmanned drones and how the government isn’t trustworthy, blah blah blah. The answer to why I decided to write a post on the topic is actually very simple. I was checking deviantART this morning and came across this article on drones: Drones

I read through it and thought, “You know, this could be an interesting subject to write about.”
So I wrote about it. But I decided to change the subject a little bit so to be somewhat original. I have heard a lot of talk about these “spy drones” lately and thought I’d throw out a bunch of ideas, and then ask what you guys think of it all.

So in conclusion, let me know what you think! Comment on and share this post! What do you think about unmanned drones and these uses of them?

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Neo BengoaUnmanned drones; what is the government doing?